Lausanne 2004: Dr. Roger Parrott gives opening address and introduces concept of powerboat versus sailboat

At the 2004 Lausanne Forum For World Evangelization, Roger Parrott gave the opening address. His message was based on this verse: “God alone knows the way—knows the place where wisdom is found” (Job 28:23 NLT). He made a compelling case for a “sailboat” mindset over against the “powerboat” mindset for world evangelization.

If we are to catch the wind of God in our sails and go wherever those winds take us, we must begin with the unshakable understanding that God alone knows the way—knows the place where wisdom is found. If we want the action plans coming out of this Forum to have significance, we must get out of our powerboats, and step into boats whose sails are filled with the wind of God to take us to the place where wisdom is found.

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COSIM 2008: Alex Araujo presents,“To Catch the Wind: A New Metaphor for Cross-Cultural Partnership”

At the 2008 conference for the Coalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries (COSIM), Alex Araujo, gave a plenary presentation called, “To Catch the Wind: A New Metaphor for Cross-Cultural Partnership.” A paper by the same title—prepared by Alex Araujo, Mary Lederleitner and Werner Mischke—was distributed at the conference. Alex’s presentation was widely received as the most compelling and valuable presentation of the conference.

To download the article, “To Catch the Wind: A New Metaphor for Cross-Cultural Partnership,” click here.

In 2009 the COSIM conference enlarged the discussion and had as its theme, “Sailing Together Through Changing Winds: Surviving and Thriving with Cross-Cultural Partnerships.” Alex gave two plenary sessions around the theme. The content of  Alex’s material may be summed up by the chart below:

Powerboat rowboat sailboat chart

Alex presented this theme at missions consultations in Thailand and in Latin America. He also shared the theme with some executive leadership teams of mission agencies. Without fail, the metaphor and its meaning gained traction and a strong hearing.

In early 2009, Roger and Alex became acquainted with each others’ work on this subject and agreed to meet. A “Sailing Retreat” for a small group of leaders was held September 1–3, 2009 at Belhaven College, Jackson, Mississippi, where Roger Parrott serves as President, to further explore this paradigm.

This blog is one of the ideas that came out of this “Sailboat Retreat”—in order to further the conversation and dialog about the sailboat metaphor. To download the report from this “Sailboat Retreat” gathering, click here.