I read the following comment from Martha Giltinan in a different forum, and think it shows the widespread awareness that we need to return to a sailing paradigm. With Martha’s permission I reproduce it unedited below.

Alex Araujo
Comment by Martha Giltinan:

So–the trouble with “vulnerable mission” for Americans in particular is
that it forces us to contend with the very core of our distorted
Individualist/superhero DNA–everything in us that wants to save the day, to
fix the problem to make a difference and to be in control.

To enter such work we must lay aside our goals, objectives, visions, time
lines, back up plans, contacts, libraries, expertise…It’s work that will
require us to become invisible–to relinquish recognition, credit, acclaim,
approval, reward….We’d have to be complete fools to enter such work!!

Indeed, such fools who would follow the “loser” on the Cross who laid aside
his glory that we might know his love.

Who, in the words of Paul to the Phillipians “did not count equality with God (& absudly we Westerners really
do think ourselves in this spot!!) a thing to be grasped, but emptied
himself, (oh, how our greedy & anxious nature abhors a vaccuum!!!)
-taking the form of a servant ( but we are trained from birth to “take charge” to be
“masters of our fate” to more “softly” be “transformational leaders” ugh.)
-being born in human likeness (anything but that!!)…..humbled himself and
became obedient unto death, even death on a cross.

Nuff said. Just, don’t GO there, right??? But then again…. what is
this walking death we’re trudging thru which we call life and yet which only
looks like……..?